Summer activities in Saalbach Hinterglemm

A family paradise - the Valley of Games 

Capt’n Hook adventure pool

The new open air swimming facility, ‘Capt’n Hook’ has a unique array of fun water-based activities: 1000m2 of water of surface with rapid water channel, climbing net, massage loungers, whirlpool seating bench, rocking bay and raining zone, water chute with light and sound effects, a chute for water tubes plus a wide chute for even larger water chutes.

Mystical Devil’s Water at the end of the Hinterglemm valley!

The devil’s water, or Teufelswasser, is only a few metres away from the popular Lindlingalm pasture - yet another amazing attraction to add to Saalbach Hinterglemm’s actitvities! The magical world of the Devil’s Water at the end of the valley is a large theme park which features play and spa stations along the water’s side. You can enjoy the magical world of Devil’s Water at the end of the valley in Saalbach Hinterglemm at no cost at all the whole summer long!

Montelino’s Adventure Trail at the Kohlmais

ZThere are many fun playing stations to look forward to between the mountain and midway stops of the Kohlmais cable car. A fan of stories and fantastic adventures? Then delve into the amazing story of ‘Montelino’, the little clown who lost his smile... how did it happen?

Mount Kodok

Decipher the signs and find the clown’s magical cap. Kodok the goblin has stolen it!

Schnitza's Woodpark

Head to Schnitza’s Woodpark to experience just how many unbelievable ways wood can be used. Come and have some fun and games and find out about wood construction. Experience the world of wood!

Nature trail at the head of the valley

  • Trip on the head of the valley railway
  • Find out the best way to hike in the Alps
  • Safe conduct and climbing on the terrain
  • Tips and tricks
  • Information and stories on the flora and fauna

Family hikes

The weekly hiking programme includes free guided family walks .

Fairytale forest

Take an enchanting round trip walk - plenty of characters from fairy tales with matching stories and narratives accompany you around the site.

Free entry!

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Farm Holiday in Saalbach

Holiday farm Pfefferbauer

Pfefferweg 21
A-5754 Hinterglemm

Telephon number: +43 6541 7305
Mobile: +43 664 230 62 69
Fax: +43 6541 7305-27

A warm welcome to you!

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